Women, a pillar of Bioenergy Haiti

At Bioenergy Haiti (BEH), we are committed to including women in the community and women’s groups in all aspects of our activities:

  • The Alliance of women of Gonaïves is an institutional member of Bioenergy Haiti since 2012;
  • We are trying to identify women leaders of the community to ensure an ongoing dialogue between Bioenergy and the Gonaïvian population;
  • The active involvement of women, both in current activities, among our partners, and in technical, managerial, communications, education and awareness-raising as well as logistics, increases the chances of success of any project. With this in mind BEH undertakes to take all measures to include women in its projects (training, recruitment and hiring, mobilization, business system);
  • We are aiming for the adoption of a Code of Conduct which will ensure that our partners and suppliers have a policy similar to ours towards equality between men and women.
  • Join Biothermica and our other founding members to support a business ecosystem and opportunities for Artibonite women.