Mission to Haiti from January 20 to 27, 2019

The mission was resolutely technical. Engineers specializing in landfill and soil analysis as well as an expert in electrical networks, Mr. Luc Chaussé, visited the site and the Gonaïves region. In addition, a videographer followed the mission to capture the excitement of the project.

Several meetings were organized with representatives of the town hall, the Department of the Environment and the Embassy of Canada. The latter had also organized a solar energy event on January 23 in which the team participated.

But above all, the missions are privileged moments for the Haitian and Canadian teams to work together on improving the collection service, the deployment of the model district, the next steps, the meetings of the CA, etc. The mission also allowed to visit the mangrove of the Grande Saline des Gonaïves. Covering an area of ​​8,160 hectares, it is largely affected by plastic pollution and overcutting.