Press release - Donation of a Lussier Group emptying truck for the project

The Biothermica company warmly thanks the Lussier Group, a heavy vehicle recycler expert located in Sainte-Julie, for the donation of a garbage truck to the Bioenergy Haiti project. This 12 m³ truck will be sent to Gonaïves in Haiti over the next few weeks to participate in municipal waste collection and help clean up and revitalize this city of 450,000 inhabitants.

Currently, three compactor trucks are operating in Gonaïves, which is insufficient for current needs. “This truck will help clean up the city of Gonaïves and we are very grateful to the Lussier Group for this donation. This truck was eagerly awaited here. The needs are enormous and we are struggling to clean the streets, ”says Mr. Augustin Dieuseul, Director General of Bioenergy Haiti (BEH). “The Mairie des Gonaïves is pleased to learn that the BEH organization will have at its disposal a truck in the city of Gonaïves to undertake more efficiently the work of collecting residual materials. “Says Mr. Kessler Pierre-Charles, secretary general of the town hall of Gonaïves. Biothermica and Bioenergy Haiti will take over the truck for fuel, labor, repair and maintenance.