Press release - Second cleaning campaign Operation Punch in Gonaïves

Gonaïves, Haiti, December 19, 2018 - It was on December 17 that the second Operation Punch Against Waste in Gonaïves began, a project initiated by Bioenergy Haiti (BEH) in close collaboration with the City of Gonaïves and carried out thanks to the financial participation of the Government of Quebec, as part of its International Climate Cooperation Program (PCCI).

Operation Punch was a great success last year and provided a clean city for the many visitors who flocked to Gonaives for Carnival. This year, the Operation will run for two weeks until December 30. A cleanliness patrol, with 50 officers dressed in a BEH t-shirt, and accompanied by several collection vehicles, will roam the streets of Gonaïves to collect waste. However, for the Operation to be a success, all citizens are invited to participate in this operation by cleaning the courtyards, driveways, sidewalks and grounds around their homes. Citizens can collect their waste in front of their homes and the agents will pick it up. In addition to cleaning up the city, the operation aims to demonstrate the commitment and presence of the town hall and BEH who will work in the coming years to replace the La Saline landfill with a new modern landfill site located in La Hatte -Rock.

Who is Bioenergy Haiti (BEH)?

Bioenergy Haiti (BEH) is a Haitian non-profit organization, the fruit of an international collaboration that has lasted since 2010 between representatives of Terre des jeunes Gonaïves, Biothermica Technologies Inc., Terre des jeunes Transnational, the town hall of Gonaïves and members of Haitian civil society. BEH aims to improve waste management in the municipality of Gonaïves through the installation of a home waste collection system, the use of innovative biogas recovery technology and energy generation. In addition to improving energy self-sufficiency, this project will contribute to the fight against climate change.

  • 30 - Contacts:
Dieuseul Augustin, dir. gen. of BEH (Haiti) (509) 3650-7808 Website:
Guillaume Lacroix, CEO. of Biothermica Technologies Inc. (Quebec-Canada) (514) 488-3881