Beginning of the survey on the habits of families - Management of household waste

Équipe de l'enquête sociale sur la gestion des ordures ménagères Enquêteuses en action, BEH, mai 2018

May 11, 2018, Gonaïves, Haiti - For the past week, a small team of Bioenergy Haiti (BEH) has been crisscrossing the Gonaïves model district to raise awareness among citizens about the pilot waste collection project.

The team, made up of young women, questions the heads of families about their waste management habits. They take the opportunity to educate families on how to manage household waste, how to put it on the way and above all, not to burn it.

120 houses have already been visited. People have collaborated very well and say they have been happy to see their own neighborhood since the operation started last March.

Remember that every morning, from Monday to Saturday, Bioenergy Haiti motor-trailers collect waste in front of the houses in the model district, located in the quadrilateral between rue Saint-Charles, rue Lozama, la ruelle La Poste and rue Anthonin Firmin.

At the end of the investigation, 500 doors of the model district and 500 other doors spread across Gonaïves will have been visited and questioned. The results of the survey will be available next fall.


Information: Dieuseul Augustin, dir. gen. of BEH (Haiti) | (509) 3650-7808