Mission of Bioénergie Haïti

1. For purely general purposes and with no intention of financial gain for its members, the objects of BEH are:

  • to contribute to the establishment and sustainability of community, socio-economic, environmental activities for the benefit of residents of Gonaïves;
  • to actively participate in the management and development of the Gonaïves landfill by producing carbon and energy credits from the biogas produced by the anaerobic decomposition of the waste found in the landfill ;
  • set up an efficient waste collection system with the population and local entrepreneurs; and finally
  • promote sustainable development, recycling and cleanliness of the city through awareness programs for the population of Gonaïves;

2. Support local projects on the territory of the Municipality of Gonaïves, among other things and as a priority by the surplus collected by the sale of carbon and energy credits, finance infrastructure , reforestation actions, training relating to the environment, housing, theater and regional ecological parks. All surpluses obtained must be paid for the maintenance and support of activities, for social, charitable or educational purposes, including the related administrative expenses; said surpluses must include a reasonable share of overheads, if any, subject to the conditions deemed relevant by the directors of the organization;

3. Solicit and receive donations, legacies and other similar contributions in money, securities or real estate, from any person or association with the aim of raising funds for recognized purposes .

4. Undertake funding initiatives in order to raise funds for BEH financing purposes.

5. Organize and hold any other activity for the above purposes, in particular by public subscription. The objects do not, however, allow subscribers or their assigns to recover in any form whatsoever, the money they have paid to Bioenergy-Haiti.

BEH is committed to [including women] (/en/women) and women’s groups in all aspects of its activities.