• President: Lydie Servanin (represents Terre des jeunes transnational)
  • Vice-President: Guy Drouin (represents Biothermica Technologies Inc)
  • Second Vice-President: Agnès Debauché (represents l’Alliance des Femmes des Gonaïves)
  • Secretary-Treasurer: M. Pierre-Charles Luxene (represents Société civile organisée)
  • Administrator: Me. Mikael Mongelard (represents Biothermica)
  • Administrator: Dieuseul Augustin (represents Terre des jeunes Gonaïves)
  • Administrator: Johnny Joseph (represents Terre des jeunes Gonaïves)
  • Administrator: Albert Albala (represents Terre des jeunes transnational)
  • Administrator: Sylvestre Josué (represents ALCE - Association des leaders Chrétiens pour l’environnement)
  • Administrator: Alcima Guynel (represents Idévet)
  • Administrator: Leclerc Ednie (represents APDIA - Association des producteurs pour le développement intégré de l’Artibonite)

Founding members

  • Terre des jeunes Gonaïves, Haïti, represented by Augustin Dieuseul and Johnny Joseph
  • Biothermica Technologies Inc, represented by Guy Drouin and Me. Mikael Mongelard
  • Terre des jeunes transnational, Québec, represented by Lydie Servanin and Albert Albala

Institutional members

  • Idevet (Idées vertes), represented by Alcima Guynel
  • Société Civile organisée, represented by Pierre-Charles Luxene
  • Alliance des Femmes, represented by Agnès Debauché
  • Association des producteurs pour le développement intégré de l’Artibonite (APDIA), represented by Leclerc Ednie
  • Association des Leaders Chrétiens pour l’environnement (ALCE), represented by Sylvestre Josué

Consulting members

  • Municipality of les Gonaïves, Haïti.

Founding members

Biothermica Technologies Inc

represented by M. Guy Drouin, Ing., MBA, President.

Founded in 1987, Biothermica is a leader in the development, financing, construction and operation of projects to destroy methane emitted from landfills and underground coal mines. As an integrated developer, the company also markets the carbon credits and electricity generated by its projects in international domestic markets. Biothermica has carried out carbon and electricity credit generation projects in North and Central America. The company was notably one of the first Canadian companies to generate carbon credits under the Kyoto protocol, through the development, financing, construction and operation of a project to destroy biogas in El Salvador. Biothermica is also the owner of the Gazmont biogas plant (25 MW), installed on the former landfill site of the City of Montreal. The company also developed, financed and built the first project to destroy methane contained in the ventilation air of an active underground coal mine in the United States. Registered under the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) standard in the United States, this project has been fully operational since March 2009 at mine No. 4 of the mining company Jim Walter Resources in the state of Alabama.

Terre des jeunes Gonaïves

Active in the Terre des jeunes movement since 1999, Terre des jeunes Gonaïves is recognized as a pioneer of the region’s environmental movement. To his credit, a vast network of young volunteers from fifty schools, a community garden, plantations and nurseries in almost everywhere in the region, an annual Tree Festival, the organization of a vast work collective runoff water retention at Passe-Reine, numerous awareness activities and training, etc. Note that Terre des jeunes is entirely independent of external funding. Managed by Haitian volunteers, Terre des jeunes Gonaïves was the first instigator of the landfill project.

Terre des jeunes Transnational

The Terre des jeunes movement was founded in 1985 in Italy. It is structured into a network of independent branches united around the principle of volunteering, local management, by young people, of environmental issues and, more broadly, the promotion of local and traditional knowledge to deal with environmental and social problems. The branches are mainly found in Haiti, Quebec and the French-speaking countries of Africa. It was in 1990 that Terre des jeunes was awarded the Global 500 Environmental Prize. Terre des jeunes is actively involved in the completion of the landfill project to meet a clearly expressed need by the population, which has suffered from anarchic waste management for too long.