Biogas management

Biogas generation assessment

A rigorous assessment of the biogas resource is essential for any project aimed at its environmental control or its enhancement. The assessment of the resource guarantees the long-term financial success of its exploitation. It optimizes the dimensioning parameters of the various equipment for the capture of biogas and the production of energy. Thanks to the georeferenced surface sampling technique developed by Biothermica in the early 1990s, we can assess the actual quantities of biogas emitted to the atmosphere. If an interesting presence of biogas is measured, then a dynamic pumping test is carried out in order to accurately measure the quantity of biogas produced and its quality. Once the assessment of the biogas generation potential has been completed, its management is essential in order to maximize the profitability of the equipment and minimize the impact on the environment and public health. Biothermica has over twenty (20) years of experience in the management and environmental monitoring of biogas generated from a landfill.

Design and construction of catchment and flare networks

The design is optimized based on the permeability and porosity of the soil, water levels, thickness of the waste and the planned landfill sequence. The design also takes into account the surface methane concentrations previously measured using the georeferenced surface sampling technique. The engineering is entirely designed by Biothermica, as well as the design of control systems, pumping and burning systems for biogas. Biothermica also ensures the review, inspection and management of construction works as well as the start-up and commissioning of the network.

Management of capture networks and monitoring of environmental performance

Biothermica offers the possibility to network managers and owners to subcontract the management of the collection network. Biothermica has the know-how related to the collection and analysis of data necessary for the optimal management of a capture network, whether with a view to minimizing environmental impacts or optimizing the development of the resource. . Biothermica has developed the LFGsim® software, an analysis and management tool to improve the capture performance of the biogas produced and environmental monitoring. Biothermica has developed several techniques allowing objective and rigorous monitoring of the environmental performance of a collection network:

  • Measurement of surface emissions;
  • Measurement of the methane concentration in buildings;
  • Measurement of the methane concentration in the soil at the property limits;
  • Establishment of ambient air sampling stations and localization strategy;
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of the capture networks;
  • Odor control.

Once the long-term potential of the resource has been assessed, the capture equipment installed and the optimal management method implemented, Biothermica proceeds to develop the resource. This stage is of great importance since it guarantees the financial success of all activities. The income generated by the recovery of biogas can come from two sources:

  • CO2 emission reduction credits
  • Electricity from renewable sources

CO2 reduction credits

The destruction of the methane in biogas can generate emission reduction credits that have market value. Indeed, the methane contained in biogas has a warming potential of 21 times greater than carbon dioxide. When burned, methane oxidizes to carbon dioxide, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The steps leading to the accreditation of reduction credits within the framework of the exchange mechanisms provided for in the Kyoto Protocol were defined by the Marrakesh agreements in November 2002. Biothermica participates in these mechanisms on its own account or on behalf of his clients.

Renewable energy

If the studies carried out prove to be conclusive and that the biogas generation potential as well as the characteristics of the site deserve to be exploited, Biothermica is then able to proceed with the construction of a biogas power plant.